• Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently
  • Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently
  • Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently
  • Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently

Money Comes to Me Easily and Frequently

AFFIRM: I am the master of my abundance. My subconscious is aligned with prosperity and wealth. I am open and receptive to all the wealth that life has to offer me. Money is the root of joy and comfort. Everything I desire makes its way to me. I attract abundance and prosperity with ease. I can afford everything that I desire. I save more money than I spend. Every dollar that I spend comes back to me multiplied. Being wealthy feels amazing. It is safe for me to be rich and powerful. Money creates positive impact in my life. I love helping others and my wealth helps me achieve this. I deserve to be well paid for my time, skills, effort, and knowledge. I love the feeling of receiving money. Money is always making its way to me. I banish all negativity.

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Fit, Care, & Materials

Materials & Care Tips

Your Satori Note Bangles are made to last a lifetime. Nope, no inexpensive base metals here, Babe. 

Our jewelry is made of the highest quality, tarnish/rust resistant, nickel and lead free, stainless steel. Yellow Gold pieces are further plated in 18K gold over stainless steel.  Bangle is 4mm tall and 2mm thick. 

Important Note: while we are still perfecting our designs, please note that inscription size/depth can vary. 

To ensure a long life of your jewelry, remove during extended exposure to water/chemicals. Avoid wearing your pieces while sleeping or exercising. Be sure to regularly clean pieces with a soft cloth and store in a jewelry box or bag when not in use.

Sizing & Adjusting

Satori Notes bangles are fully adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes. They will not fall off if adjusted properly.

To adjust gently pull edges outward to widen or squeeze edges together to tighten.

We suggest gently widening edges prior to placing bangle on your wrist. Only open enough for you to easily slide the bangle onto your wrist. Once the bracelet is on your wrist, squeeze the edges gently towards each other for the perfect fit.  

Though they look delicate, we promise these babies are very sturdy! We made to be worn every day and last a lifetime. 



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USA Domestic delivery starting at $4.99: 

  • Standard carrier options:  5-20 business days


International delivery starting at $12.00:

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Local Pick-Up Option available in Bermuda only.

  • Collections in WARWICK 2-3 times a week. You will be notified via email of collection days and times once your order is processed.

For urgent orders please contact us at prior to order to confirm.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Varao

I finally grabbed a couple of bracelets and I am absolutely obsessed with them!! Amazing quality with the best affirmations. Will def be getting more!